The Cobb Family

I grew up in what is known as the "Southern Tier" of Western New York. I was saved back in the winter of 1982 at the age of eight years old. As a young person, the Lord instilled a love in my heart for the local church and for men of God. Somehow He got me involved in various ministries of the church early in life and I am thankful for it. I helped out in junior church, the bus ministry, cleaning the church, mowing the grass, the media ministry, ushering, and so on.

I felt the call of God on my life to preach when I was 12 years old. I preached my first message on March 18, 1987 at the age of 13. I will never forget that night. Throughout my teen years I was very involved in the church’s nursing home ministry preaching there almost every week during the summers and at other times. I surrendered to the call of God into the ministry when I was 16.

Because of some very difficult circumstances, the Lord led my family to Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, New York in August of 1991. Pastor Lou Guadagno was a great help during this time. Because of his burden to be a help to young preachers he immediately took an interest in me and began investing much time and effort in my walk with God and my call to the ministry. It is because of his desire to help people serve the Lord that I am in the ministry today. Yes, it is because of the Lord, but He used my pastor to channel that.

I was married to Stacie (Gregor) on October 8, 1993. The Lord sure gave me the best when He gave me her! We have been married over 21 years and it is a blessing going thru life with your best friend!

In August of 2001 we went into full time evangelism. How all of this came about is absolutely miraculous and there was no doubt to Stacie and me that it was not only God’s perfect will but also God’s perfect timing. We have been traveling these many years trying to be a help to God’s people wherever He opens the doors. My burden is for pastors and the local church. I have been around preachers practically my whole life. And whether they be pastors, missionaries, evangelists or 'preacher boys', they have a special place in my heart and it is my sincere desire to be a help and encouragement to them.

In November of 2014, after 23 years of serving at Old Time Baptist Church, the Lord moved us to Franklin, Indiana to be out of the First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Kent Kirchmeyer is our pastor and we are excited about the future. Nothing has changed as far as our ministry of evangelism is concerned—it was simply us following the Lord's leading.

We are seeing God do some great and mighty things on the road. It is our prayer to be used of the Lord wherever we go.

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